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Online advertising is disrupting all the traditional way of advertising, there are tons of advantages of advertising online, and having a great digital Marketing Plan.

These advertising platforms give us a lot of advantages over the traditional, as here the business can pinpoint the target audience and serve them.

Due to cheap internet it has penetrated almost everywhere and due to this, there is an explosion of online business and business coming online to milk the internet and generate leads and sales.

It becomes overwhelming when planning for the Online advertisement when you don’t have a great Marketing team, there are so many platforms to advertise on, if you’re also confused don’t worry.

This article will help your business understand the difference between all the ads networks and which to choose.


There are 4 major advertising platforms namely Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, among these business has to choose according to its needs.

Audience reach is one of the most important factors which can affect business.

Google has a monopoly over the search engine due to this it cannot be ignored for digital Marketing and ad campaigns.

But if compared Instagram has 1 Billion Monthly Active users and 600 Million Daily Active Users.

And its mother company Facebook has whopping 2.4 Billion users a month and 1.6 Billion Daily Active Users.

Whereas LinkedIn lags behind and comes last with the least users among these with 303 Million Active Monthly users and 5.3 Million Daily Active Users.

By going through the stats one thing is evident that all these platforms are super active in terms of the user if the business is looking for brand awareness and grow its reach the best option is Google and Facebook, with combined user reach of almost 4 Billion which is around 60% of the world population.

You can’t go wrong by choosing any of the platforms to advertise on.

Working of Ads

As all the advertising platforms have different ways to empower the marketer to use it. The biggest of all is Google which has different ways of working compared to traditional Social Media.

It is the most flexible way to advertise with some tools being free to use, one if which is SEO.

SEO is one of the ways business can reap the benefits by just doing it right and not spending even a single penny.

Google targets ads on keywords and its undeniable fact that it’s the world’s biggest, largest and most popular PPC advertising platform. Likewise, it shows ads by targeting keywords, to people looking for the business.

It’s very cost-efficient as Business has to pay only when the user clicks.

Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the best examples of “Paid Social” or showing the ads on social media, similarly it works like Google AdWords to promote the business on the internet but that’s where the similarities end.

Business pay Google to find the potential customer via keywords on the other hand users finds the business via their interests and how they behave on social medias like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

AdWords helps you find new customers, while Social Media helps new customers find you.

As per the business needs the marketer to choose the best platform to advertise on.


What the use of Advertising if we don’t get leads or sales. 

Do we want our ads to be clicked?

Of course yes.

Higher the engagement rate better the platform, for marketing.

70.7% of US businesses were using Instagram in 2017. 

Instagram comes way ahead of the other networks, Furthermore, Instagram has helped the eCommerce business to grow at a rapid speed.

Instagram and Facebook are the best platforms to advertise the eCommerce products, and Generate sales leads.

On the other hand, Google shows the search results which are most likely to get clicked by the users, who are looking for the business. 

User Intent

LinkedIn excels in B2B advertising, almost all the businesses serving B2B choose LinkedIn over any other Social Media.

That doesn’t mean professionals don’t use Facebook and Instagram if LinkedIn is Workplace than Facebook and Instagram is a tea break, where work still happens.

LinkedIn is often used for networking finding the best advice on things related to jobs and carrier.

Here you can ask questions, comment on the post and post an informative blog post.   


What makes Digital Marking different from traditional Marketing?

Yes, the precise targeting of the users.

Google and Facebook top the charts as these ad networks have huge data which is then used to serve ads and generate leads, because of this massive data, a marketer can pinpoint and target ads to the customers who are looking for it.

Eg: Facebook gives you the option to such as Area, Age group, company, School, etc.  

Whereas LinkedIn is great for targeting people based on their job and employment but it doesn’t provide the precise targeting of ads or promotions of posts.

Instagram is no different, it gets data from its parent company Facebook still it lacks precise targeting.


Cost plays very important role, in marketing as Digital advertising is cheaper than its traditional counterpart.

As all these services provide PPC, clicks on LinkedIn is costlier than others, Instagram comes second in PPC here again, Facebook and Google are almost similar.

All provide PPC (Pay Per Click), as a marketer you’ll be only charged only when the Ad is clicked.

PPC for Linked comes around $4.47

PPC for Instagram is $1.35

PPC for Facebook is $0.77

PPC for Google is $0.67 

All the PPC are dependent on the Product, Services, Keyword being targeted, it’s visible that Facebook and Google provide the best ROI,

But good marker can help to optimize the cost and bring down your Ad Campaign budget, this boosts leads generation turning it into sales.


If you want people to see your content Facebook and Instagram are the best options and if you want people not just click but also enter the lead information, then LinkedIn is the best choice as LinkedIn leads are likely to convert 500% more than Facebook, Instagram and google ads.

Facebook works great for eCommerce with the help of tools provided by the Facebook one can get massive sales and leads.

Google has a similar conversation, but it only helps when the user is looking for a product or business.


Google is way ahead of its competition here it has the biggest coverage and serves a large audience throughout the world and controls about 62.5% of US Search made daily

Facebook being the words biggest Social Media cannot be ignored, it controls all most all the major Social media.

Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn provide demographic targeting and among these 3 Facebook has the upper hand as it gives a lot of options to markers to push target Ads.

Which Should you be using?

Business without an effective marketing plan is like a gun without Bullets.

After looking at all the differences businesses should understand who are their target audience and which platform serves their demographic.

As all the ad platforms are effective and efficient with a Good Ad Campaign Management Services (Your company name), a business can skyrocket their lead generation massively, and boost their eCommerce sales.  

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