Why SEO Is Important For Your Business.

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Today there are almost 3.4 billion people online, and they all rely on Search Engines to help them find from best clothing, restaurants to memes.

That means regardless of your service or product offering, your target audience is searching for you on the internet.

You must have heard a lot about SEO haven’t you? which can make your business more visible to your target audience.

According to research 

89% of the shoppers conduct online research before making big purchases (by Retailing Today, 2019)

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine (by Techjury, 2019)

Now you know how important is SEO! 

If you don’t know what SEO is you have nothing to worry about.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, let us understand this by our behaviour on the internet.

When people search for your product or the services on the internet, you what them to click on your website, as your business website represents your business on internet.

Let’s assume you’re searching for a book that you wanted to read for a long time.

You would just go to your favourite search engine be it Google or Bing, and type the name of the book.

Within the blink of an eye, you’ll get millions of search results selling you the same book.

You may have searched “Best Book to Read” or “Best thriller book” or “Thriller book to read in 2020” or the book name.

But most users don’t just search single terms and buy, but they edit the search terms many times and then decide from where to buy or which website to click.

Whichever search results users find most appealing; the user selects that business to buy.

So this is what exactly SEO is it helps our website or business show higher in the search results by using keywords, phrases, or images.

Which gives us clicks and new leads. Isn’t this all business want?

Let’s understand why SEO is so important.

SEO increases your business visibility and branding.

So what does this mean for your business?

When SEO is done right it gives the business more visibility and raises the awareness of the product or service.

This helps the new business find their niche customers, and let the users know about your business and the services you provide, which is very important for the new business or the old ones trying to succeed online.

If you can manage to show up in all the different search results you are most likely to get clicks which in turn, brings you more sales and brings you revenue.

Isn’t this we want?


Nobody wants to invest their hard-earned money on business which they don’t trust.

this is why Trust becomes so important!!

When your business websites start showing up in results frequently it generates customer trust.

In these age of data leakage, card fraud it becomes necessary to gain the trust of users as they are your potential buyers.

As humans, we’re more likely to buy something from whom we trust.

When a customer finds a business trustworthy they are likely to become the repeat customers and refer others too.

Credibility and Authority

As Google’s content is filtered and based on strict guidelines. Which assures the user gets the most relevant content when they search.

Once your search results start showing up, users make the mind notes that’s your business is credible, as the thinking goes if google suggests it must be good.

This brings more traffic to your website and gives you a massive amount of leads which adds a lot of profit to your business.

Higher RIO

SEO provides a great ROI than traditional advertising or paid advertising.

In SEO to improve your ranking, you won’t have to spend a lot or you don’t even have to spend anything if done right. 

Once your website starts ranking and showing higher in search results, which adds value and credibility to your business. Soon you start making sales, getting returns on your minimal investment.

This makes it one of best method to get more sales by investing less, this is why it’s so popular in Digital World.

Local SEO

Suppose, you love reading and you’re looking for some good library to read, so what’s the first thing you’d do?

Simply you’d Search about it on Google or other search engines.

Here search terms changes because the services we’re looking for should be local or nearby.

You’ll search “best library near me” or “Library with good books near me” or something else. Here the search results will show something business nearby.

This is what we call local SEO, with the help of your Local SEO you can target the customers from your region or Area.

For local SEO, the business has to enrol itself for “Google my Business”.

By using this service, you get access to a lot of tools provided by Google so that you can target your area, not just that you get to know the demand for your product and services.

And can serve the customers looking for you.

Step Ahead of the competitor

By ranking higher not only you’re growing but also crushing your completion.

Just by showing your website above your competitor you have 20% more chances to get clicked. 

The higher the ranking the more business to get, which helps businesses to grow rapidly.


By following the right SEO strategy and technique, your website can generate massive traffic and leads with that it’ll brings you a lot of data. 

By using the tools provided by google business (Google Analytics) can get a lot of insights about their customers, like the Devices they use, Demographics, what they search, etc.

Which help the business to understand more about their customers and can plan the marketing strategy accordingly. 

SEO has become one of the most important component to online success of the business.

Having a great SEO strategy for your business or brands website will always benefit your brand, and make it stand out.

Your business can benefit hugely by just following the basic SEO steps.

For any business trying to success online need to have effective SEO.

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